Duvet Cover Set


Features of The Linen Company 300TC Duvet Cover Set

  • Breathable fabric creates a comfortable, fresh night’s rest.
  • 100% Cotton fabric comes with many advantages.
  • Hypo-allergenic properties ensure a comfortable night’s rest.
  • A luxurious 300TC sateen weave brushes softly against the skin.
  • 3 Year warranty ensures a worry-free rest!
  • This quality product contains one  white duvet Cover and Two Pillow Cases.
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Product Description

Often overlooked, the linen of a bed, can make or break your sleeping experience. You can have the best mattress on the market. However, without a snazzy Linen Company 300TC Duvet Cover Set, you will not experience an optimal night’s rest.  Optimal temperature regulation is important when you sleep. For this reason, we manufacture the Linen Company 300TC Duvet Cover Set with temperature regulating textiles. As a bonus, the fabric has hypoallergenic qualities. The hypoallergenic qualities make this Duvet Cover Set an excellent choice for those that suffer from allergies. At the Linen Company, we define the definition of excellence. We make use of 100% cotton during manufacturing. Additionally, the linen has a 300 thread count. The Linen Company takes care to finish off this Duvet Cover Set with a luxurious sateen weave.

The Benefits Of Cotton Textiles

Cotton is a natural material that has many benefits. You will experience the following benefits when you purchase a 300TC Duvet Cover Set:

Perfect Temperature Regulation
Excellent temperature regulation during sleep. The most common benefit of cotton sheets is the temperature regulating characteristic. This material is known for keeping you fresh during the summer nights. In addition, the linen will keep you warm and cosy in winter.

Absorbency And Temperature Regulating Properties
Cotton fabric is highly absorbent. When sleeping, we tend to perspire quite a bit. This is when temperature regulation comes into play. The cotton fabric of your duvet cover set will absorb your sweat to prevent you from overheating.

Anti-Static Features
Pure cotton is anti-static. This attribute keeps your skin healthy because the sheets won’t over-absorb skin moisture.

Cotton is hypoallergenic. This material repels bacteria and other micro-flora, preventing you from having allergy-causing organisms living in your bed. So The Linen Company Duvet Cover Set will be a bonus to your health.

Durable and Wrinkle-Free
A durable and washable fabric. After a wash and a good dry out in the sun, cotton is crinkle-free.  Always remember to read the care instructions thoroughly before washing your sheets.

Cotton is biodegradable, thus being classified as an environmentally friendly product.

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 24 × 31 × 7 cm
Bed Size

Single, 3/4, Double, Queen, King, Extra Large Queen, Extra large King