Bamboo Mattress Protector


This beautiful product spoils you with a top made of bamboo. It is waterproof, fresh and breathable, while also being hypoallergenic. The protector is perfectly soft and noiseless and comes with a fancy 3-year warranty.

Enjoy a perfect balance between soft delight and resilient strength that compliments and amplifies your every desire with royal precision.

Gone are the days of unwanted heat build-up. The material maintains perfect air circulation to ensure your maximum satisfaction.

What you need is durability, hygiene, antibacterial and ant-fungal properties. This is exactly what you get.

This product further spoils you by being perfectly machine washable as well as being allowed in a tumble drier (only on a low setting). AVOID BLEACH AND DO NOT DRY CLEAN

3 Year Warranty.

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Bedding sets online
bamboo mattress protector
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Take some time. Treat yourself. You deserve it.


Bamboo Mattress Protectors

While cotton is often the more preferred fabric when it comes to any luxury bedding, bamboo fabrics are quickly gaining a superb reputation for their comfort and their undeniable quality.

A mattress protector is certainly the best investment you will ever make when you buy a new mattress or should you be looking to give your existing mattress extra protection. These special covers are designed to provide an extra layer of protection to the mattress, thereby ensuring that no spills will seep through and cause lasting damage to the inner fabrics, fibres and foams that make the mattress comfortable. With the right mattress protector, you’ll never have to worry about having to put in any extra effort in order to keep your mattress in pristine condition. There is also the fact that mattress protectors can give any mattress a longer lifespan.

Bamboo mattress protectors are made from highly durable bamboo fabric. They are guaranteed to add comfort, they are easy to clean and they breathable, all qualities that you should look for in your bedding. They are also hypoallergenic, which will reduce allergy sensitivity. These mattress protectors are also waterproof and will easily prevent fluids from getting to the mattress.

Our bamboo mattress protector is the perfect addition to any bed and with our 3 year warranty, you can be sure that should you not be satisfied with your choice of protector, you can return it.

At the Linen Company, we source the best quality luxury bedding so that you can enjoy a more comfortable sleeping experience. Order your luxury mattress protector online today.